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Infinite RTM represents the most advanced technology development in high thermal efficiency building.

Infinite RTM is a building product using phase change materials to store and release heat during winter, and to reduce heat buildup, air conditioning costs and peak loads in summer.

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Infinite RTM phase change material products are built around a fundamental property of Nature: The natural tendency of materials to absorb heat when they melt (phase change from solid to liquid/gel) and to release heat when they solidify (phase change from liquid/gel to solid). When these phase change materials are placed in quantity into the structure of a building, they will absorb heat or air condition the building during the day and release heat at night, to provide year round comfort with heating and cooling savings.

  • Increases Comfort
  • Saves Energy
  • Increases Resilience
  • Maximum Fire Resistance
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Good acoustic resistance



Infinite-R™ MORE THAN pays for itself by reducing HVAC system sizing, insulation and wall framing depths WITHOUT adding the weight of conventional mass. Infinite-R™ is essential to any NetZero or Passive House design.

Easy installation on new construction. Easily placed within walls, over ceiling, under roof or on attics. Thermal mass will store energy from day one.

Ideal for retrofitting due to its flexible installation options. No special application in most cases. Can be placed on most drop ceilings or plaster board walls

Installed during roof replacements (flat roof or pitched roof), Infinite-R™ has been shown to substantially reduce heat flux of the roof. With Class A fire rating, it can also be installed in suspended ceilings, interior and exterior walls and remain exposed in high internal gain spaces.

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